The tiny cafe on the ground floor of Leman Magazine, which was established in Beyoğlu in 1993, has been a
frequent destination for art lovers. Over time, it featured Tuncay Kurtiz, Ata Demirer and Cem Yılmaz, one of the illustrators of Leman Magazine, on his tiny stage and played an important role in the recognition of many
celebrities. With the aim of maintaining this culture inside Leman Kültür Cafes, the Leman Sahne brand was
established and many new talents were featured in the mini-stages.Leman Kültür Sahne, which started the stand-up culture in the 90s and spread it all over the country, was reopened with new talents on our stage in Beşiktaş Leman Kültür branch in its 25th year. At Leman Sahne, we continue to feature new talents
such as Hasan Can Kaya, whom we brought to the stand-up world. In addition, cost free events such as talks,
theatre events, autograph sessions, music concerts and workshops are organized on the stage. An average of
1,000 events take place annually at Leman Sahne.